About The IMCS


The strategic intention of this center is to become the institution that all the micro and small businesses in Iran, as well as foreign businesses that need to receive professional management services, can be sure of receiving quality services from well-trained specialized teams.

Formation of The IMCS

The Integrated Management Center Of Solutions  (IMCS) is an efficient and professional organization that aims to fill the gaps in the areas of management knowledge, to develop and update specialized management resources  and to provide business services
In order to achieve these goals, The IMCS has defined three main pillars:

Academy: The IMCS has defined and implemented various training courses in various  management scopes and for different levels of age and profession.

Publication: The IMCS Publication Office selects, translates, compiles and plans the production of specialized resource management to cover the unmet needs of this area among its audience.

Project Office: The IMCS Project Office is responsible for policy, implementation,   and monitoring of the Center’s projects. On the other hand, this office interacts various Management consulting Projects with the various projects of the center.

Mission statement of The IMCS

The mission of the Integrated Management of Center Solutions  (IMCS) is based on three convergent axes as follows:

* Developing the country’s human capital capacity to provide professional management services through the IMCS Academy

* Developing a culture of counseling by legal entities and real activists through the provision of services at international level.

* Providing the infrastructure and requirements for the realization of the two axes above through the compilation and translation of specialized management texts, the design of workshops, holding seminars and specialized congresses, continuous activity in digital and …

About The Founder of The IMCS

Dr. Behruz Nasserolmemar, a graduate student at the University of Bordeaux, France, has been managing the Center for Integrated Management Solutions since many years of successful business consulting experience. Dr. Behruz Nasserolmemar has a long history of teaching in a variety of fields including strategic management, marketing and sales management, professional talks, human resources management, advertising and branding, general management and specialized language.


Accounting – University of Tehran

Executive MBA – Marketing Management Attitudes – University of Alameh Tabataba’i

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) – Université Montesquieu Bordeaux

Teaching Experience

  1. The Principles Of Marketing
  2. The marketing Management Principles
  3. The Marketing Research
  4. The Consumer behavior analysis
  5. The Marketing Strategies
  6. The Professional Marketing Strategies
  7. ….
  1. The Advertising Principles
  2. The Advertising Management
  3. The Digital Advertising
  4. The Principles Of Brand
  5. The Brand Architecture
  6. The Digital Branding
  7. Personal Branding
  8. Brand Persona
  9. The Brand book Designing
  1. The Principles Of Strategy
  2. Strategic Management Models
  3. Strategic Thinking
  4. Streamlining Strategies in Organizations
  1. The Principles of Organization Designing
  2. Management Theories
  3. Change management
  4. Professional Management Theories
  5. …..
  1. The Principle of Negotiation
  2. Body Language
  3. The Principle Of managing meeting
  4. Time Management
  5. Stress Management
  6. ….
  1. Accounting
  2. Financial Management
  3. Budget control

Professional Experiences

  1. Yazd Tire  Company
  2. Hamkaran System Co.
  3. Arian system
  4. Iranian Engineers Investment
  5.  Arkan Group of construction companies
  6.  rangarang atlas Co.
  7. Gostaresh Ideah
  8. moallem group
  9. Uni Vision
  10. Saba Naft Engineering and Construction Company
  11. Naserolmemar Economic & Management Consulting Holding
  12. Islamic Republic of Iran Boardcasting
  13.  Aberli online Business School
  1. BAT Co
  2. Yazd Tire Co
  3. Toofan Group of Companies
  4. Kalanaft Co
  5. Fajr mall
  6. SazAb Pardazan Consulting Co
  7. Pars Mega mall

Contact Us

 Address: Unit 5, Floor 3, No 12, Gol Dead End, Kohsar Blvd, West Hemmat Hwy


Phone: 021-44355227